The work plan of the project is defined by six work packages, focused in the following issues:

The heart of the devices are the receptors. Here, WP1 targets the preparation of different kinds of chiral receptors.  WP2 is dedicated to the elucidation of the binding mechanism in solution and the enantiorecognition properties of the developed receptors towards enantiomeric pairs selected as model analytes for future applications.

WP3 concerns the integration of the developed receptors into chiral supramolecular nanostructures. This integration can lead to the enhancement of the properties of each sub-unit, as well as the development of flexible and/or complex systems with fine-tuning capability, also aiding in the preservation of the selective properties in the solid state.

WP4 will investigate the solid state arrangements of the developed receptors and it will take care to ensure the transfer of the recognition properties observed in solution to the solid state.

WP5 is dedicated to the deposition step of the developed and characterized receptors onto the surface of the chosen transducers, which will be QCM for the gaseous phase and transparent surfaces (glass, quartz and/or ITO) for the liquid phase. This critical step of the sensor development requires the integration of the sensitive materials (receptors) with the transducer.

WP6 will develop practical field-capable sensor units. This WP will start from of the experience and devices already developed by UNITOV, and it will investigate the optimization of the driving electronics, the software, the extraction unit, and a first version of a user interface, in collaboration with Interspectrum and Eurochem Italia, the companies involved in the INITIO project. The objective is to develop a prototype for both liquid and gaseous phase. Finally, it entails testing and validation of the prototype devices by Eurochem Italia.

WP7 is dedicated to maximize the expected impact of the project and to articulate all dissemination activities.

WP8 is dedicated toproject management, IP generation and protection.