Chirality 2019

The 31th International Symposium on Chirality –CHIRALITY 2019 was held on July 14th to 17th in Bordeaux, France. Conference was organized by Reiko ODA, Research Director, CNRS, University of Bordeaux and Jeanne CRASSOUS, Research Director, CNRS, University of Rennes.

This annual three days and a half event features various fields of Chirality. For the 2019 conference, there was a special session for the Enantioseparations honoring some of the founders of the Chirality conferences. Also, the special Initio European Project poster prize was awarded during the conference.

Dr. Donato Monti and Dr. Manuela Stefanelli attended the conference and promulgated the INITIO project activities. Furthermore Dr. Monti led a presentation entitled “Chiral Recognition by Chemical Sensors based on Porphyrin Supramolecular Aggregates” where presented part of the INITIO project activities and finalities.

Flyers and other informative materials about the INITIO project were available on a dedicated desk.

The main topics of conference were :

  • Asymmetric Synthesis & Catalysis
  • Fundamentals
  • Chirality spectroscopy
  • Chiral polymers and materials
  • Supramolecular chirality
  • Chirality in drug designs and biology
  • Chirality at nanoscale
  • Physical and computational aspects
  • Enantioseparations